Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is a scientific tool and counseling technique based on fingerprints analysis. DMIT helps to unleash our hidden potentials and personality.

DMIT also helps to figure out Brain Dominance, Multiple Intelligence, Acquiring Methods, learning style and Personality Type. Based on the analysis of these traits it helps us to choose best career domains.

3 step process of DMIT counseling:-
  • STEP 1: Fingerprint Scanning
  • STEP 2: Fingerprint Analysis and report generation
  • STEP 3: Report Counseling

Report counseling is considered the most important step in DMIT. Only report counseling will not be enough to satisfy your clients and derive better results. You need to go through Advance counseling techniques to handle the parent’s queries like,

  • How to handle hyperactive kids.
  • How to handle the Anxiety among the students.
  • How to set their career goals and life goal practically.
  • How to remove phobia.
  • How to completely revise the course content much before the examination.
  • How to increase the confidence to prepare for any examination.
  • Effective parenting tips.

How hundreds of DMIT counselors have revived their counseling business with 5-days online workshop “UPGRADE YOUR DMIT counseling”?

My 5 –day “UPGRADE YOUR DMIT counselingl” WORKSHOP will give you this entire secret.

  • Yes ! you can get that secret formula
  • Without even spending lakhs & holding professional degrees
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Yes, We have designed a 5 day workshop “UPGRADE YOUR DMIT COUNSELING” to show you exactly how we built a network of more than 300 DMIT counselors and 10000 plus benefited students in just 4 years.

People call it “The Game changer workshop” as it will make you:

  • Learn advance DMIT counseling
  • Never ever lose DMIT Client again.
  • Get loads of clients through mouth publicity and achieve your GOALS like a game changer.
  • Become a renowned DMIT counselor in your area.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this 5- day workshop “UPGRADE YOUR DMIT COUNSELING”

  • Why DMIT Counseling is the best tool to sell your counseling and how to prepare a summary of the report.?
  • Why do people fail in DMIT and how to create more impact?
  • How to create the USP for DMIT Counseling?
  • Pricing Strategy in DMIT Counseling?
  • How to design webinar to sell DMIT and process to scale up your DMIT counseling with Mind Bling’s Advance DMIT Counseling Program (MBACP)?

Who can attend this Program?

  • This program is for all those people who want to be a counselor and want to help students excel in their career and behavior.
  • Existing DMIT counselor who are already doing DMIT counseling but want to upgrade their counseling skill to attract more clients.
  • This program is also helpful for all psychological counselor, who wants to use DMIT as a tool to know more about the clients.

Why should you join this Program?

  • To know how to mitigate the challenges as a DMIT counselor you should attend this program.
  • To learn the best promotional strategies to attract more clients with zero investment,
  • To know how to handle the most asked behavioral concerns from the parents- low concentration, Stubborn, Bad eating habits and subject phobia. To learn the counseling techniques for these behavioral issues you should attend this program.
  • If you are a psychological counselor then DMIT could be an useful tool to know more about your clients, so you should attend this program.

What participants experienced

I have gone through the program and it is a must to do program for existing DMIT counselors.

I thoroughly enjoyed the program and gained amazing insights on how to scale my DMIT counseling without even spending a single penny.

It benefitted me a lot, as now I am getting more counseling approaches from my own circle.

I wish all the best to Mind Bling and i extremely recommend to join this 5 -days program to attract more clients for your DMIT counseling.

Ashok Panchal
DMIT Counselor & Coach

I attended  upgraded your DMIT counseling program out of curiosity but trust me I ended up staying till the end and enjoyed every bit of information shared. The best part of your session is the professional way in which you are giving the information and conducting the session. Keep rocking.

Career Counselor

It’s been a wonderful experience with Mindbling, the learning is made easy and clear, perfect place for all kind of training solution. Best part is the Assignment session to get confidence in DMIT counseling and hand holding support.

Value for Money.

Avni Gandhi
Counselor & Affirmation Coach

(Over 300+ people have already joined… Don’t miss this amazing community!) The fee of this Course is INR 999 but for limited the time it is available at INR 99 ONLY.

Program Schedule:

Day 1 (Monday): You will get a Program orientation Video at 9:00 AM and your 1st Lecture at 06:00 pm. Day 2 (Tuesday): Q & A session on WhatsApp at 5 pm – 6 pm and you will get 2nd lecture at 06:00 pm. Day 3 (Wednesday): You will get 3rd lecture at 06:00 pm. Day 4 (Thursday): Q & A session in WhatsApp at 5 pm – 6 pm and you will get 4th lecture at 06:00 pm. Day 5 (Friday): Live session at 08:00 pm.

Got More Questions? We’ve Got You Covered.

The class starts on Monday at 6 pm and will go on till Friday.

It’s will be a mix of both.

It’s will be a mix of both.
Every day(first 4 Days), at 6 PM you will be getting pre-recorded Videos.
How to Scale your DMIT counseling with Mind Bling’s Advance DMIT Counseling Program (MBACP) training – Friday at 08:00 pm will be the only Live session.

Day 1 Video will be released at 6 pm on Monday.
You will get all your questions answered in WhatsApp on Tuesday and Thursday from 5 pm – 6 pm.

Well this is a Class not an online course. So, no you don’t get lifetime access to the videos. But we understand, you might want some more time to absorb all the information, hence you can view all the videos till the end of week (Sunday Midnight).

No, this is the program where you will learn, how to upgrade DMIT counseling skill. As far as DMIT training is concerned, we also do full DMIT training, if you want to learn then there is a separate program for that. (Click here)