What do you want in your Life?

Your answer would be health wealth and happiness. Everybody want a better life, lots of money and success, that’s why we learn different-2 skills and upgrade our knowledge.
But the question is how many people are getting desired results?
The percentage is very low.

Do you know WHY?

Because, Most of the people don’t use their subconscious mind to create the desired results. Actually most of the people don’t know how to use their subconscious mind for better health, wealth and happiness.

“You must make certain to give your subconscious only suggestions, which heal, bless, elevate, and inspire you in all your ways. Remember that your subconscious mind cannot take a joke. It takes you at your word” – Joseph Murphy

The results we are creating (for Health, Relationship, and Money), it depends on how we trained our subconscious mind knowingly or unknowingly.

Do you know, how to check your subconscious mind whether it is trained or not for Health, Wealth and happiness.

We have created 5 day program “TRAIN YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND” where you will learn the power of your subconscious mind and how to train the subconscious for desired results.

What are you going to learn in 5 days?

  • The conscious mind and subconscious mind.
  • How to change state of Mind?
  • How to stay focused towards your goal?
  • How to create the opportunity.
  • Process of installing excellence of your Role model.
  • How to overcome past failure?
  • How to Align your body, mind & soul towards your goal?
  • How to handle Anxiety and Discomfort?

The fee of this program is 2999/- but for limited time it is available at 299/- only

Why should you join this Program?

  • To learn how to train your subconscious mind.
  • To learn how to stop being hurt.
  • To learn How to handle Anxiety pattern
  • To get clear action plan for your goal and create the new opportunity.
  • To understand the connection of Body and mind.
    To break any bad beliefs and install new empowering beliefs.
  • To Get rid of past painful memories.
  • To enjoy your better relationships.

Who can attend this Program?

Any student, Teachers, Parents, Professionals, Businessmen, sports person or any individual, who wants to take their life to the next level they can join this Program.


कुछ एक्सपीरिऐंस बताना बहुत मुश्किल होता है जब उनसे आपकी लाइफ चेंज हुई हो तब , सर की क्लास के बाद ऐसा ही हुआ है मेरे साथ, मेरे सोचने का और जिंदिगी जीने का तरीखा बदल गया कुछ ही दिनो मे ,एक कांफीडेस फील होता है , NLP की टेक्निक्स बहुत ही अच्छी है , और क्या कहू थेंक्यू सर.

SanjuSanjana Singh
Reiki Healer

My experience is very much better about Train your Subconscious Mind by NLP program. Changing the state of mind was a big task for me, I was not aware about my thinking pattern. But I had learnt how to change our thinking pattern from task thinking to outcome thinking to get the  results. Now I can also easily change the state of my mind by doing simple 4 step formula. In this whole session Abhishek sir, taught me the power of asking MIRACULOUS  QUESTIONS. Miraculous Questions are really amazing.

Wasim Khan
Trainer – Financial Literacy

My self Jayshree Patel, I want to say thank you to Abhishek Sir. Because I have learnt how to handle stress, and Anxiety. I have also done Personal audit and happiness audit so that I can increase my happiness index. Now I can feel, that I have trained my mind to get desired results.  Once again Thank you.

Jayshree Patel

Program Schedule:

Day 1 (Wednesday): You will get a Program orientation Video at 9:00 AM and your 1st Lecture at 07:00 pm
Day 2 (Thursday): Q & A session in WhatsApp at 6 pm – 7 pm and you will get 2nd lecture at 07:00 pm
Day 3 (Friday): At 07:00 pm you will get 3rd lecture.
Day 4 (Saturday): Q & A session in WhatsApp at 6 pm – 7 pm and you will get 4th lecture at 07:00 pm.
Day 5 (Saturday): How to get desired results in your life with Mind Bling’s Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) Practitioner cum Coach Program – Live session at 08:00 pm.

We have covered more questions:

The class starts on Wednesday at 07:00 pm and will go on till Sunday.

It’s a mix of both.
Every day(first 4 Days), you will be getting pre-recorded Videos at 07:00 pm.
How to get desired results in your life with Mind Bling’s Neuro Linguistic Programing (MBNLP) Practitioner cum Coach Program would be on Sunday at 08:30 pm will be the only Live session.

Well, you will get a link for recorded videos that you can watch anytime, so you are not going to miss the lectures. Only you have to join the Live session at 08:30pm because there is no recording for this session.

Well, this is a basic NLP course, where you will learn how our mind works and by training our mind we can get the desired results. But if you want to learn NLP in deep, then there is a separate program which I’ll discuss in the live session

Well this is a Class not an online course. So, no you don’t get lifetime access to the videos. But we understand, you might want
some more time to absorb all the information, hence you can view all the videos till the end of week (Monday Midnight).

This is not a workshop, so you will not get any certificate but if you need certificate, you can register for our NLP practitioner cum coach program (certification program). Click here