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Mind Bling Partner Program (MPP) – is designed to give you more opportunities for earning apart from your job. In this Partner Program, we provide you with the opportunity to utilize your free time, develop new skills and start flowing income from your surroundings. If you are searching for extra sources of income to fulfill your financial needs, your search ends here.
MPP provides an opportunity to work for the most insightful sector in our society- i.e., education.

Education nowadays is not only limited to academics; a holistic development approach has been developed throughout society. Schools/colleges are giving equal importance to skills, behavior, innovation, sports, and creativity. This opens scope for people who are in services like- counseling, teaching, motivational speaking, coaching, etc.
Mind Bling invites all those who are willing to work in the educational field and want to work for the upliftment of students.  If you have a desire, passion to work with students to help them develop their skills and make study easy for them, then join this program to turn your desire into a supportive income module for yourself.

Mind Bling Partner Program offers-

  1. Counseling with DMIT– Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test, a scientific study to help students know their inborn traits and develop their skills and behavior. Counseling students for a best suitable career as per their strengths and counseling their parents to guide for the better nourishment of their child is all that schools and parents are searching for. Work on this skill, learn the principles and techniques of DMIT and give your career a new direction.
  1. Mid Brain Activation– A unique meditation technique to help children balance their brain, find peace within and develop their behavior. This technique enables children to read books, identify objects even with their eyes closed.

Be a master of this technique to let children find their hidden ability to read and learn through their intuitive power.


Course module description-

Duration– 1 day + 2-month online session


Mode– Franchise cum training model
Doesn’t matter how big you are earning, to achieve the financial goals you need to create multiple sources of income.

A course with minimal investment can bring your big dreams into reality. Every business empire has started with a small step, even Dhirubhai Ambani had to work in a petrol pump before owning petroleum business. Who knows what results your efforts can bring to you.

MPP- gives you the best opportunity to start your own business without any investment in infrastructure, machinery, labor, etc.

Multiply your income by working in your free time and helping people with your network, turn your friends/relatives/colleagues/ neighbors into your clients and support your financial goals.

A small initiative towards your financial gains can give financial strength to your family.


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$80.00 $69.00