The course is designed for teachers to impart new learning and development concepts in teaching. This course helps to develop bonding between teachers and students and enable teachers to teach practical learning based on the theme of learning with fun activities.

Develop your inherent potential and personal skills with the help of DMIT analysis. Know your personality traits, dominant learning style, Interpersonal/Intrapersonal skills and career suitability as per strength and area of their interest.

85% success in your life is determined by the way you speak with people. Get the gift of gab and master the skill of influencing people. The way you speak defines your progressive future. Master the art of public speaking and present yourself with sound confidence with the world.

Sanskrit is scientifically proven ancient language available on earth. Scientific research revealed that Sanskrit shlokas have positive vibrational effect on mind and body.Sanskrit is considered to be the most ancient and vedic language to have spiritual benefits and impact on our life.

Brain Gym is effective meditation exercises help to balance both hemispheres of the brain. The hand-eye coordination exercises release toxins from the brain and initiate new neuron generation. You would be able to use your both brain simultaneously.

Goal’s give direction, focus, and motivation to your life, keep you focused on your target. Goal setting gives you clarity about your vision for life. Goals can be divided into 5 categories- Personal goals, Professional Goals, Financial Goals, Spiritual Goals and Life Goal.

Abacus allows children to solve basic mathematical equations like subtraction, addition, and division mentally. It enhances faster and better calculation ability in children’s. Abacus enhances focus and develops analytical and logical thinking in children.

Concentration sharpens your ability to think carefully about your tasks. Concentration Booster helps you sharpen your memory with brain gyms and guided meditation. It releases all the toxins from the brain and helps to develop intuitive powers.

Vedic Maths help students to develop mental abilities and perform complex mathematical operations with ease. Develop short calculation techniques and mental calculation methods to master mathematics and overcome the fear of maths.