Accept, Reframe and celebrate

We are the outcome of what we think continuously . Our subconscious is always working, whether we are awake or sleeping.

We attract the same situations in life which we think in our mind. The energy we put in our thoughts radiates a frequency which attracts same frequencies in our life. So, if we are living with low frequencies we will attract low vibrations and will work at low energy, similarly if we lift our vibrations we will attract higher frequencies. We attract what frequencies we are operating in our mind.

With our repetitive thoughts we build a language for our mind, which is the Neuro Linguistic Programming. To live with our full potential and to achieve our goals we should train our subconscious to develop a winning perception.

Mind Bling in its 8 days online NLP workshop, helps you to re-program your subconscious and live with your utmost potential to achieve your goals.

Takeaways from the workshop:

  • Understand the Mind & Body function.
  • Enjoy confidence and high self-esteem.
  • Remove the pattern of anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Overcome your fears and phobias and unlock your hidden potential.
  • Clarity on your vision, purpose & values.
  • Learn to deal with pain & allergies.
  • Breaking unwanted behavioral pattern.
  • Developing stronger & healthier relationships.
  • Dealing with unexpected situations in life.
  • Creating more energy & relaxation in your life and many more.
  • Improve your coaching and counseling skills.

Topics that will be covered in the 23 hours Program:

  • NLP Basic.

Who can attend this Program?

  • A person looking for self-development.
  • A person want to be a trainer & Counselor
  • psychologist, Healers, Housewives.
  • Businessman, Entrepreneurs
  • Sport person & Sport Coaches.

Why should you join the Program?

When it comes to learn NLP to achieve any of your goal or to become Counselor, Trainer or Coach you need not just theoretical but Practical knowledge of the subject and along with that Constant support of the Trainer to help you achieve what you want ‘Personally’. This is what we believe and delivering for last 4 years.

Total Investment 17999/- 
Duration: 23 Hours.
Training Mode: Online (Live)

Our participant’s experience

It was one of the best program I attended. The training program was hugely important in terms of personal & professional development. The unique methodology & the practical approach engaged the participants through the training program. various techniques & guidelines given by Mr. Abhishek was so useful & excellent. Overall I am happy & would suggest others to do the program for their personal & career development.

Thank you for the opportunity provided by MINDBLING to attend the wonderful session

ArunSenthil Raj
EHS Consultant & Trainer

I have attended  NLP organized by Mind Bling. i  got a lot of improvement in my physical and mental level for  my growth and learnt lot of practical techniques which i can use in my counseling.

Your topics like inner pacing, changing the believe system, Ecology, change the state of mind, & visualization and its uses  are so effective. It has been changed my attitude and life style. Your presentation and problem solving is so excellent. I would recommend this program to everyone.

Thank you.

B. N. Ray
Rtd. Branch Manager (LIC)

I have attended many corporate training Program, and I saw lot of flashy things in training, but here I must  appreciate to you for the honest & effective delivery. We were exploring our passion through different ways, and after attending this workshop we got clarity about my ultimate goal i.e. Peace of mind and the  passion to get it. Lot of people are struggling for health, Family, and Finances but now I understand how clear mindset and exact roadmap help us to get desired results.  I will definitely apply all the  learning on myself and aware IT people to attend this program.

Thank you so much.

Parag Kulkarni
SAP Consultant