Mind Bling Partner Program (MPP)

A road to your financial freedom.

With fluctuating economic conditions and skyrocketing prices, it becomes difficult to manage our finances. Depending merely on a job or single source of income is taking us far away from reaching our financial goals. To provide people the opportunity to start earning income apart from their job/work, Mind Bling provides an opportunity to partner with its working modules and support your earnings.

MPP- is designed to help people upgrade their skill or develop new skills and work in the realm of education to help students in developing their behavior, a new set of skills and teach to excel in their career.  Since the educational platform has totally transformed today, students are expected to excel not only in academics but also in life skills, which attracts demand for more skilled persons who can teach students to develop their behavior, enhance their memory, get more creative and develop the innovative approach. This attracts demand for subject experts in the field of counseling, coaching, motivation and career guide. MPP provides the opportunity to those who are willing to offer their services in education and are willing to add new skills to give the boost to their financial goals.

What will be learned in the program?

Effective Counselling

This program will help you develop counseling skills to help students remove their fears, phobias, and stress. You will learn the DMIT concepts and principles of learning methods, acquiring traits and personality types.

Career Guide

You will learn the methods of career guidance. This program helps you to enable skills to help students select the right career as per their strengths and area of interest.

Brain Gyms

Stress is the factor responsible for draining our energy. You will learn the techniques of stress relief with effective brain gyms. Brain gym helps to balance both hemispheres of the brain and releases toxin from the brain to help in the generation of new neurons.

Mid Brain Activation

Learn the guided meditation techniques to help students develop their intuitive power, and balance their mind. Teach students to read and identify objects even with eyes closed, help them develop their behavior and mental peace.

What you will gain from this program?

This program gives you an opportunity to explore new areas of learning and start your educational business career:

Training & Coaching skills

After learning new methods and techniques you will be able to develop your training skills and can start your career as a counsellor, speaker, and life coach.

Presentation skills

With teaching students about new skills and working with them you will develop your presentation skills. Better presentation skills can also help you to excel in your job/career.

Business opportunity from home

You can start your own educational institute from home. You can start your career as a counsellor, DMIT expert, Abacus tutor and can start your own skill development courses for children.

Network building

With counselling and educational services, you will attract new people to meet you which will help you build your network base. Meeting new people will open doors to new opportunities to you.

Associate membership

Being a partner program participant allows you to work as an associate member with company. Lot more opportunities opens their door to you as you can avail benefits from company workshops, programs and projects.

New income opportunities

This program helps you to learn new concepts and develop your skills to allow extra income flow through your services as a counsellor, trainer, coach and educationalist.

Course description:

1- Day training followed by 2 months of online sessions
• Counseling approach
• Mid Brain Activation
• Income Model