We all have a goal of optimal health and wellness. But Stress/Anxiety/Depression is common issue now days and people are experiencing sleeplessness as well.

  • Are you stressed/ Depressed over your present situation?
  • Do you wish to sound sleep and wake up in joy every single day?
  • Do you want to live a stress free and healthy life without undergoing complicated process
  • Do you want to enhance your productivity?

Yes, you can achieve ultimate health and wellness even without doing many efforts and from your own comfort zone, just by following my simple practical formula called accelerated wellness mastery.

My 5 – Day “SLEEP IN PEACE & WAKEUP IN JOY” program will give you this entire secret.

After applying learned techniques from my mentors on myself and getting tremendous results, I have created a program “SLEEP IN PEACE & WAKEUP IN JOY” (5 day program) that will lead you-

  • To Handle your Stress / Anxiety & Depression
  • To get sound sleep and say Ta-Ta to insomnia.
  • To break your limited beliefs and old patterns sabotaging your growth.
  • To make you wake up every day with utmost joy.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this 5-Day master class.

  • How to audit your health and happiness to get sound sleep
  • How bad thoughts affect our body to create discomforts.
  • How to handle the fear of uncertainty and miraculous questions that will
    change your life.
  • How to take better decisions to achieve your goals fast.
  • How to achieve desired health, wealth & relationship in your Life [LIVE SESSION].

Who can attend this Program?

A student, working professional, Counselor, Teacher, House wives and any individual who want to get rid of Stress, Anxiety & Depression and want to live a blissful life with their family.

Why should you attend this Program?

If your objectives are resonating with the workshop and you are listening a inner voice to attend this program, then you should attend this program. But I am sharing the few reasons why should you attend this Program.

  • If you really want to get rid of sleeplessness then you should attend this Program
  • This is completely practical program, so if you want to experience practically, then you should attend this Program.
  • You will get the recorded session of all the 4 days, so you can complete your lecture any time, so if you love flexibility then you should attend this Program.
  • Live question Answer session (in WhatsApp message). If you enjoy the asking questions and getting the real time answer, then you should join this Program.
  • You will be invited for LIVE session on last day. To interact with your facilitator you should join this Program.
  • If you compare the value and investment, then your ROI is very high, so you should attend this Program.

Join now & get these bonuses FREE.

BONUS 1: [Audio Visualization] How to stop being hurt worth INR 499/-
BONUS 2: [Audio Visualization] Guide your Immune System to stop Hair fall/ Joints pain or allergies (worth INR 999/-)

Participants Feedback 

Thanks to mind bling  who helped me to lots of in my life. every activity are most powerful. But how to relieve painful memories and as if act activity visualization it’s change my life. I fill more confident in my life and carrier. I got success in my  job

Thanks Abhishek sir it’s all about to you


I have attended 5 day Sleep in Peace & Wake up in Joy Program, to overcome my stress and get mental peace. When I practiced the Personal & Happiness Audit, I understood, where exactly, I need to work. 

And the remedies to fight with Auto- immune disease is really unique and I would suggest to everyone, if you want  peaceful sleep then join this Program.

Once again Thank you Mr. Abhishek for this wonderful session.

Purvi Singh
Rtd. Officer

I was thinking, this program is for me or not, but fortunately I attended and I got tremendous positive changes in myself. I didn’t know Nail Biting / palm sweating, interlocking fingers are ANXIETY. But I learned how to remove these behavior and now I can say, “ Yes…! This program was actually for me. My all credit goes to Abhishek sir and Mind Bling.

Shalakha Soni

This 5 day course fee is 1999/- but for the limited period of time and for limited number of people it is available at Rs.199/- only.

Program Schedule:

Day 1 (Tuesday): You will get a Program orientation Video at 9:00 AM and your 1st Lecture at 06:30 pm
Day 2 (Wednesday): Q & A session in Whatsapp at 5 pm – 6 pm and you will get 2nd lecture at 06:30 pm
Day 3 (Thursday): You will get 3rd lecture at 06:30 pm.
Day 4 (Friday): Q & A session in Whatsapp at 5 pm – 6 pm and you will get 4th lecture at 06:30 pm.
Day 5 (Saturday): Live session at 08:00 pm.

Got more questions, we have covered now

The class starts on Tuesday at 6:30 pm and will go on till Saturday.

Great question. It’s a mix of both.
Every day(first 4 Days), at 6:30 PM you will be getting pre-recorded Videos.
How to activate the RAS factor and what are the quality questions to create blissful life with Mind Bling’s Accelerated Wellness Mastery (MBAWM) training would be on Saturday at 08:00 pm will be the only Live session.

Well, you will get a link for recorded videos that you can watch anytime, so you are not going to miss the lectures. Only you have to join the Live session at given time because there is no recording for this session.

Well this is a Class not an online course. So, no you don’t get lifetime access to the videos. But we understand, you might want some more time to absorb all the information, hence you can view all the videos till the end of week (Sunday Midnight).