This Course is specially designed for students who appear academic exam or any competitive level exam.

Are you feeling low because of

  • Bad self-talk about your marks and career
  • Low confidence
  • Memory blocking (Forget answers in examination hall)
  • Time management in exam
  • Exam fear

If this exam ghost is sitting on your chest and haunting you then don’t worry


The unique course to take off all your exam worries and help you put higher grades in your exams.


What will you learn?

This is 13 days video course, where you will learn

  • How to overcome exam fear
  • Revision technique just before the exam
  • How to increase confidence
  • How to create interest in any subject
  • How to remove any subject phobia
  • How to create better self-image
  • How to set career & Life goal
  • How to erase past failures.
  • How to get rid of bad habits.
  • How to read and write faster.

How to get maximum benefit from this course?

This is 13 days video course. If you want to get maximum benefit then don’t be in hurry. Videos and worksheets are divided into days, so complete one days video and worksheets. Don’t try to watch all the videos at once or complete all the assignment. If you complete the assignments and videos without any gap till 13 days, you will get maximum benefit.

Duration: 13 Days
Fee: INR 6999/-

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