Mind Bling’s Counselor Program is a unique program for those who want to be a counselor mentor or guide or want to upgrade their counseling skills. Today, STRESS/ANXIETY/DEPRESSION is common in individual, and people want to get rid of it. So There is a huge demand of efficient counselors.

If you are one, who want to help students for their academic growth, Parents to teach effective parenting, Professionals for maximum productivity & work life balance, and any individual for better relationships.
If you want to help people to get rid of Stress, Anxiety & Depression then this program is for you.

Duration: 8 hours. Course
Fee: INR 3999/-

What will you learn?

  • Key skills of counselors.
  • How our mind works
  • How to handle ADHD child and increase attention span.
  • How to handle Stress, Anxiety & Depression.
  • How to change poor self-image to strong self-image
  • Effective parenting tips.
  • How to set any goal and process to achieve the goal.
  • How to remove unwanted behavior.
  • Audit your Happiness
  • How to understand your client.
  • How to handle addiction, guilt & revenge.

Why should you join this program?

You can join this program for/to

  • Personal development.
  • Get stress free mind & disease free body.
  • Get rid of negative chatter.
  • Learn parenting technique.
  • Better clear goal & mindset.
  • Learning counseling techniques.
  • Be a counselor.
  • Help people to remove anxiety and depression.

Benefit of this Program:

  • Upgraded counseling skills.
  • Can handle fear, phobia & anxiety.
  • Clear goal and process to achieve the goal.
  • Can guide your kids without argument or pressure.
  • Will enjoy better relationships.
  • Increased productivity.