Child Labour

I am getting short of words, as I really don’t know from where to commence this inclement bridge of child labor, assassinating the humanity. Not all children in India are lucky to enjoy their childhood. They are quite strangers to the joys and innocence of the formative years of their lives. Instead they are forced to work under conditions of slavery. Child labor takes place when children are forced to work at an age when they are expected to work, study and enjoy their phase of innocence.

Poorly paid for long hours of work, they must abandon their studies to support their family at an age when they are supposed to just play around and have fun. Despite constitutional provisions against child labor, a large number of children continue to be exploited under hazardous work conditions. Child labor and poverty are inevitably bound together and if you continue to use the labor of children as the treatment for the social disease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labor to the end of time. The society, voluntary organizations and law makers have an obligation to put an end to evil practice of child labor in India.

  • Child labor is an obstivative spot rupturing the upcoming future.

We foster the cleft of calling a child the future. But is it really so? Is our future going to broom the roadside garbage?  Is our future going to be of such kind? Today we talk about development, we talk about principles, and we talk about shaping our country. I question the mankind that on the foundation of which ideology do you talk about the development because we have simply sided the future with nothing except broom and washing bars?

Don’t able to decipher that based on what intention we are treating the tomorrow in such a cruel manner. I really don’t get to know why we fake talking about the future of children when we are just isolating them from education, opportunities and literacy. The constitution of India grants equality to everyone.

  • Child labor is a plethora of darkness cladding the human national cleft.

The Demoralizing act of Child labor that is being practiced in India since ages has cladded the society of humanism with dark clouds, thundering with outrage, prepared to burst and ruin the society. This act does not only barricade the children from their education and childhood but is also leading the innocent lives of into the darkness of assaults. The children working from a very young age not only face physical assaults such as violence but they also undergo psychological and sexual assaults.

  • This evil has transited itself into a monarch endeavoring to outcast humanity.

This evil practice seems as if it has transformed itself into the character of an autocratic monarch working to expand his atrocious kingdom and outcaste humanity. Yes, it’s true today we do not belong to an era where sensitivity resides. Had there been even a percentage of sensitivity residing in our country, any evil acts such as child labor would have never existed in the first place. Then the question arises is, that why did such social evils came into practice? If we ascend to the reason we will find clerical error, corruption, distortion, population etc. in its comprised of some other reason.

  • This atrocity is just like deadly part of cancer which needs to be discarded by oncologists.

If we assess the mentality of the people and prepare their report card, we will see that the presence of atrocities has made them E grade performers. In the current era, insensitivity resides at its extreme level. Yes, we may find young children working in factories, hotel, etc. but we never take initiative to move out of the box and take a major stand to correct the wrong. Either the Indian society would not at all stop interfering into other people’s life or they suddenly become so reserve and rigid that they don’t even give a damn to think for the betterment of their country.


If we the population of India don’t use our power to stand for the right, I hardly believe then there’s any reason remaining favoring our existence. We only care for our family, our relatives, our friends, our colleagues, but have we ever thought of the people with whom we only share the bond of humanity? Even if any one person amongst all of us takes a small initiative to stop such social evils which act like a growing cancer there would be a change, small but yes, a change. So let’s come forward and prove that India can be a land where no child is obstructed from their childhood and education. Because a difference will be created as it’s just the matter of initiatives.


  • Sanskriti Anand Singh Rathore