DMIT advance counseling is a unique program, based on scientific techniques to help all the DMIT counselors.
In DMIT counseling, we counsel the person based on the report like, Brain dominance, Multiple intelligence, Learning method and personality types and We also guide the students for career selection.

During the counseling, Parents also want to solve their child’s behavioral issues like:

  • My child is very aggressive.
  • He / She has Subject phobia
  • He/she does not sit quietly, he/she is ADHD child.
  • He/she forget the entire lesson during the exam.
  • Too much addicted with mobile and electronic gadgets.
  • Poor eating habits.
  • Nail biting …etc.

Sometime the student or child also says, My parents doesn’t understands me.

If you are a DMIT counselor, and your counseling is based on report only, then your client may not satisfy with your counseling

In this situation, A counselor should have the advance counseling technique to solve the all queries of parents as well as students/child.

To help and upgrade the counseling, we have designed a 5 hours Advance DMIT counseling Program.

What will you learn

  • How to handle Anxiety of students.
  • How to remove the subject phobia.
  • How to increase the confidence for better career.
  • How to handle unwanted behavior like nail biting, bed wetting.
  • How to increase concentration
  • How to recall the lesson during the examination.
  • How to guide the parents for healthy behavior.
  • How to set career and life goal.

Duration: 5 hours (Online)
Course Fee : INR 2999/-

Feedback by our Participants

Writing this feedback does not mean to say something good in favor with your tutor/mentor.  Only I could say – mind blowing ways of teaching and techniques of deliverables to the students/clients by Mr. AbhishekRanjan of Mind Bling. One should at least attend his whatsApp session/workshop even if unable to decide to join their further courses. Appreciated, Nice Experience !!!!

Bhagwan Chintewar

I have attended Adv. DMIT counseling Training Program and I want to give 5 star rating for Communication, Professionalism, Quality and the Value. Training was great. Especially Abhishekranjan sir’s teaching method was very good.

DMIT Counselor

I am associated with Mind Bling since July 2018 and learned many tools & techniques for training and counseling. I was doing career counseling with DMIT but I noticed that parents are asking to counsel for stress, Sleeplessness, Mobile addiction, Aggression for their kids. So, I was thinking about how to solve these issues, then I attended a 2-day program and It was Amazing. I learned the exact counseling techniques for those issues and a new approach to doing SWOT Analysis. I also learned a new method of goal setting workshop to attract more students for DMIT and career counseling. So, overall this program is designed with specific Problem-oriented solutions. Every DMIT trainer must attend this program. Thanks Abhishek& Mind Bling

Vilas Sonavane