The first impression is the last impression. You might have heard this phrase many times, and some of you tried to get a pleasing personality.

The word PERSONALITY is a combination of two words, PERSON & QUALITY.

So, a Pleasing personality means A person has that quality, which makes others feel pleasing.

What do you think, what are the top quality needed to create PLEASING PERSONALITY. I was thinking about this and one day, I was reading the book “THE LAW OF SUCCESS”. The 10th chapter of this book is about how to create a pleasing personality.

If you want to read this book, you can buy this book. (Click here). But I have noted down 10 important steps to create a pleasing personality.

  1. Your Physiology & Dressing Sense: The first step to a Pleasing personality is your physiology. Always make your physiology energetic. There are 4 components to create energetic physiology: –
  • Body Posture (Spine should be straight, and shoulder should be up)
  • Facial expression – Your facial expression should be like, you are
    healthy, energetic & young.
  • Breathing Pattern – Change your shallow breathing into deep
  • Internal sound (Self Talk) – Create your empowering self-talk more
    empowering by thinking, you are already achieved, whatever you want.

Always be aware of your attire. Wear your clothes in a good manner.

  1. Words that you are using in your daily life: Words can start a new relationship and words can create a wall between 2 people, so always choose your words wisely.
  1. Tonality: Tonality is also important when it comes to oral conversation. If you are giving advice to someone but your tonality is not good, then that advice is not going to work for him /her. Sometimes we may feel anxious, irritated, or overwhelmed, that time our conversation tonality will create an impact on others. When someone disrespects you, the voice tone goes up automatically, That time you need to be careful about your tonality.
  1. Definite Chief Aim (Health/ Wealth/ Relationship): This is the most important step towards creating a pleasing personality. Always make your definite chief aim for your health, Wealth & Relationships. The definite chief aim shows your seriousness about your life and responsibilities.
  1. Love your work: Loving your work shows how much are you passionate about your work and of course it will increase your creativity. Your passion & creativity will create a magnetic personality.
  1. Respect your Time: Time is a priceless gift for us. If you want someone to respect your time, then you need to respect your time first. If you say, meeting time is 10:00 AM, be there at 10:00 AM. Never make a person wait for you. It will create a pleasing personality.
  1. Reaction: One of my mentors says, “Situation is not in your control, only Reaction will be in your control”. We all know ‘Every action has equal & opposite reaction” but we have the wisdom to choose our reaction. So whatever situation you are phasing, choose your reaction wisely and convert it into your RESPONSE.
  1. Always come with a message: People always want a non – judgmental solution from you. They have so many complain about life/ work etc. So, whenever you talk to people, give them a message. Don’t come with a grievance.
  1. Commitment & honor: Commit less but honor fully. If you commit to waking up at 5:00 AM then make sure, you will honor this commitment. Think twice before commitment, but once you commit then honor fully.
  1. Don’t share any memes of Public or political issues: Try to avoid sharing your opinion about political issues in public, because, your opinion could be good for a person and not good for another person. Public and political opinions are private. Avoid this. Even never make a joke about a person in a group. You must have a good sense of humor, but not by making a joke of any person.

These are the 10 points, which I had prepared. If you like the, hit the like button, and share your comments below.

You can buy this book The Law of Success (Click here).

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