Mr. Anuj Munjal

As the founder and Managing Partner of Martancy, Anuj oversees the business development, external relations, and strategic direction of the Company.  Anuj has spent ten years in business consulting in Indian and International operations with a strong emphasis on strategy, organization, and development. During this period, he served large and medium-sized corporations in Automotive, telecommunications, healthcare, agri-food, and consumer goods to name a few.  Anuj has been involved in providing business intelligence to a number of global companies in India, middle east and South Asian regions. Anuj also has extensive work experience in South Asia and the Middle East for Indian corporations seeking to invest and develop operations in those regions. This work included the evaluation of market potential, the establishment of distribution channels, etc.

Anuj has an MBA from the NIILM School of Business School. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Delhi University and certified Six Sigma Green Belt holder from Benchmark Six Sigma.



Fanish Kumar

His role at Martancy includes preparing the roadmap for marketing strategies, prioritizing project initiatives and monitoring programs with a vision to make it a one-stop solution for research, marketing and consulting agency on a global map.

He firmly believes in  ‘quality assurance’ as the first and foremost performance indicator to successfully complete and deliver any project. Fanish’s professional methods help identify knowledge gaps, reflect diverse business styles, focusing on multi-level and multi-grade marketing system, thereby encouraging an interest in, and love for, the subject concerned.


Kalpana Tiwari 

Founding President of Shrinidhi Fortune Wheel Foundation, Smt. Kalpana Tiwari is one of the most renowned women astrologers in the world. According to Smt. Tiwari, ‘‘ ancient wisdom of astrology must have its application in the alleviation of modern maladies. This mystique science should be used to empower the constructive forces, the leaders of diverse fields as they have a huge task to decide the fate of the NextGen”. Fulfilling aspirations of the leaders and decision makers, she has launched a unique project ‘Astro-Predictions of Political Aspirants’.
She is an M.Phil in public administration from Rajasthan University and pursued her Ph.D. from the University of Poona with specialization in organizational behavior. She worked as a lecturer in Degree College for several years but her keen interest in spiritualism and astrology drove her interest into astrology. She has a very good knowledge of Puranas and Upanishads and well versed in mantra shastra.