Atulyam – Pain is awesome

Remove stress from your life and lead a healthier, happier life.

About the workshop

With growing competition and fast-moving life, it becomes difficult to manage a balance between life and work which makes life extremely busy and stressful. With challenging situations arising continuously with work, we find it difficult to cope up with stress and anxiety, which results in drainage of energy and exhaustion, effecting our working efficiency.
This programme is designed to restore your energy within you to train you live with utmost peace even in most challenging situations. Many yoga, meditation and stress relief programmes have been introduced from time being to tackle stress, but this programme is a blend of all modern and ancient wisdom or fun to help you learn keeping stress out of your life.

What to Expect from this programme:

Relief stress

You will learn and practice the right strategies, tools and effective techniques to find healthy ways of dealing with stress in your life.

Work- Life balance

Lead a happier life with managing the balance between your work and social life. Living with a calm mind helps you to work with full energy and finding time for family and your hobbies.

Enhanced Performance

After kicking stress out of your life, you become capable to work with your full potential and a peaceful mind which enhances your working efficiency and you get better results in your work.

Improved Focus

To achieve your desired goals in life, one thing crucial that is a focus. With high focus, one can achieve everything he desires in life. Stress is the major factor in diverting your focus. With the specific set of calming techniques, you can release stress from your life and sharpen your focus for more fruitful results.

Healthier Life

Always health is wealth. A sound mind works from a healthy body. Releasing stress from your life leads to living a healthier and happier life.

Fun in your life

Stress drains our energy and takes away all the happiness from our lives. Having learned the stress relief techniques, you will be able to invest your time in your hobbies, interests, sports, and will spend healthy time with family.

Take away from the programme:

You will learn the effective stress relief techniques with fun like- guided meditations, brain gyms, yogic dance, a blend of ancient and modern fun activities.
Through guided meditations go deep to know your true self and eradicate stress from your life.

Programme structure:

The programme is divided into 6- sessions:

Session- 1 : Introduction

• About workshop
• Methodologies
• Mind Bling

Session – 2: Stress theory

• Know how stress occurs in life
• Cause and effect of stress
• Understand different aspects to deal with stress

Session – 3: Effective brain gym

• Brain gym exercises to fix coordination between left and right brain
• Detoxify your brain
• Regeneration of new neurons
• Sharpen memory and improve concentration

Session-4: Atulyam exercises

• To release toxins from the body
• Align body with the mind
• Release stress from tissues, tendons, and muscles

Session- 5: Yogic Dance

• Bodily flexibility
• Enhance enthusiasm
• Fill the mind with happiness
• More fun while coping with stress

Session-6: Guided Meditations

• To learn proper breathing ways
• To find peace within
• To align your body, mind, and soul at one path
• To liberate your spiritual energy
• To enhance performance

Give us a chance to kick stress out of your life. Reach us to learn about these effective modules and for any query regarding the programme.